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The Resident Advisory Board was formed in 1999 to make recommendations for:
  • Housing Authority needs
  • Use of Financial Resources
  • Eligibility, selection and admissions policies for Public Housing and Section 8
  • Rent Determinations
  • Home-ownership
  • Other items that deal with Housing Authority Operations
  • Serve as a conduit to the residents in their communities as to programs/services from the Authority.
Current Resident Advisory Representatives

Lawrence Maynard, Jr.

Noland Village

Parkside Homes/Douglass Court

Walter Minnick, Jr.
Section 8

Benjamin Yellot

Section 8

Coreen Ketchum


Randy Cooper
Walnut Towers
Gene Bowers
Potomac Towers
Jennifer Colvin
Frederick Manor

  Denise Sisler

      Resident Commisioner
The resident advisory board members serve a three-year term. When there is no interest to serve on the board from a community, that position will remain vacant and that community is not represented.
Resident Advisory Board (RAB) members attend the monthly meetings in their respective community to discuss the happening of the quarterly RAB meetings and to gather concerns/questions for the Housing Authority from the residents.